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Complete Legal Help for Seniors!

Complete Legal Help for Seniors!

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Advocate Legal Senior Center

Advocate Legal Senior Center provides direct legal representation of persons interested in seeking guardianship for a loved one who is incapacitated due to physically or mentally disabling conditions.  Legal representation is vitally important in obtaining guardianship.   As an experienced organization in this area, Advocate Legal Senior Center can offer assistance in obtaining guardianship for a loved one, and navigating the process once someone is appointed as guardian


Advocate Legal Senior Center offers and Training program for those who are currently Guardians and for those just starting the process. Besides, guardianship assistance programs, Advocate Legal Senior Center can assist you with Government, Public, Consumer, Geriatric care, and Housing Senior assistance programs.


Started in 1982, Ms. Norma Bradley found a need to advocate for Seniors. This process started from her own need to personally find out more about caring for Seniors. She found that the process of becoming a Guardian was complicated for the lay person and decided to research and make it easier others.


The purpose of the Guardianship Program is to provide guardianship and/or conservatorship service through court appointment for adults with developmental disabilities who are receiving services or financial assistance and who have no other individual or entity qualified and/or willing to serve in this capacity.


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