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We provide direct legal representation for low-income seniors, caregivers, and persons interested in seeking guardianship for a loved one who is incapacitated physically or mentally.

Our primary focus is on guardianship programs, however, our services include a comprehensive array of senior and elder care programs that advocate for better living conditions for seniors.  

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How We Help:

Offering Pro Bono/ Sliding Scale Legal Services.

Legal representation is vitally important in obtaining guardianship.   Advocate Legal Senior Center offers assistance in obtaining guardianship for a loved one and navigating the process once someone is appointed as guardian.

Advocate Legal Senior Center offers a training program for those who are currently Guardians and for those just starting the process. Besides, guardianship assistance programs, Advocate Legal Senior Center can assist you with Government & Public benefits, Consumer protection, Geriatric care, and Senior Housing assistance programs.

Find out more on how Advocate Legal Senior Center can help you!

  • Probate and Estate Planning

  • Geriatric Care

  • Housing Assistance

  • Government Benefits

  • Public Benefits


37 Years

Offering assistance in probating your loved one’s estate through navigating the process of Texas probate.

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"I believe that your thoughts create your world. You are who you are today and where you are today because of what you thought about yesterday. Take control of your life by taking control of your thoughts."

Norma Bradley, Founding Executive Director

Faith Plants The Seed, Love Makes It Grow

Advocate Legal is complete legal help for seniors. Contact us today!

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